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Shunte Fleurimont is a poet, storyteller, and author. She studied Literature at the University of Washington-Tacoma, where she earned her BA in Art Media & Culture. She is the eldest of three children, all of whom are United States Army Veterans; following in their father's footsteps.  


Shunte Fleurimont was not only inspired by her father's service as a Soldier, but she was influenced by his love for literature and poetry.  She attributes her interest in writing to the days spent listening to her father reciting poetry and retelling stories​.

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 He Said/She Said
There Are Two Sides To Every Deception

In “He Said / She Said: There are two sides to every deception,” immerse yourself in the marital obstacles of Andrew and Vashti. Their commitment toward one another is strained with emotional fatigue. Both retreat into their clandestine truths, betraying their pledge of  honesty.


Become acquainted with the characters as the lives of Andrew and Vashti evolve in dynamics through their individual vantage points. Their cognitive view through a steady stream of consciousness narrative details the struggles of a couple's ability to trust each other as they once did. 


As they get closer to a resolve in their relationship a visitor from their past places a fork in their road to truth and transparency.


In this story of secrets and lies, duplicity challenges the couple’s reconciliation. There are two sides  to deception; on whose side will you stand?

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